News 2 September 2020

Early Childhood Educators Day 2020

Welcome friends to Early Childhood Educators Day 2020.
This is a special day on the national calendar where we take a moment to recognise and celebrate the work of our early childhood educators.

Every day these dedicated professionals maximise their incredible skill to strengthen the well-being, health and development of young children in their care. Educating and caring for tomorrow’s leaders is a huge job!

Whilst celebrations might be a little different this year, the message of gratitude is the same.

At ACE we are so thrilled to support our Educators and have sent more than 600 electronic thank you notes, 300 certificates of appreciation and some very special balloon bouquets.

Educators, we are proud to support you on your DAY.
We think you are truly amazing, keep doing what you do best, you are Essential in every way.

We are also sending a special message to the talented, caring and brilliantly kind ACE ECEC training crew. Here they are all decked out for their celebration events. #everydayheros

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