Inspiration 11 January 2021

Just Go For It

Opportunity is out there; you just have to take the plunge, work hard and never give up. Kick starting this year with a little inspiration as we chat to Certificate III in Individual Support graduate, Travis Griffiths who has landed his dream job despite last year’s challenges.

ACE: Hi Travis, we know 2020 was a challenging year for everyone – but we hear you haven’t let that stop you. You’ve managed to find your purpose and change your world, ready for 2021.

TG: Thanks so much I truly appreciate it. Previously I had worked for years in retail and several other jobs, I worked paycheck to paycheck never liking what I did. Then I applied to Carers Link as a change of career and I continued my pursuit of this certificate because after a single day of working in this industry I knew I loved it and I needed that certificate to keep working in it.

ACE: We love that! Your trainer Amanda tells us you’re a natural, always empathetic and understanding. A true advocate for the clients.

TG: Every time going into class, I learnt so much both by the course’s materials and Amanda’s own knowledge. Amanda was an amazing mentor and trainer she was always there to help out and to push me to do what was needed, she helped me through so much and I’m so thankful for her. And ACE was right there pushing me along as well providing me with every resource I needed to do my job, I honestly think I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without their help.

ACE: Thank you, Travis! What’s this fresh, new year got in store for you?

TG: My wife recently had our baby! This certificate allows me to do something I love and has given me my career and absolute dream job – a part time support worker with Carers Link. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

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