News 29 January 2018

1.3 million (10.6%) of Australia’s Workforce are Employed by a Charity

Charities – where would we be without them? The Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission has just released the Australian Charities Report 2016, featuring the annual reporting data from more than 52,000 registered charities across the nation.

Here’s a little snapshot to get you thinking:

  • Charities had a combined total revenue of over $142.8 billion
  • $10.5 billion of revenue came from donations and bequests
  • Charities spent $137.1 billion pursuing their charitable purpose
  • Small charities ($250,000 or less) make up the bulk of the sector at 67%
  • 1.3 million, or 10.6% of Australia’s workforce are employed by the charity sector
  • 2.9 million is the number of volunteers supporting Australian charities.
  • 1 in 2 charities operate with no paid staff.

You can download the Full Report Here or the Quick Highlights

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