Motivation 22 September 2016

Resilience the New Must Have

Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows us to bounce back from life’s little [and big] challenges. There’s a lot of buzz around resilience right now, so we found five tips to help you build yours this spring/summer.

1. Decide to get up when you’re knocked down
Just because you’re down doesn’t mean you have to set up shop there. Pain isn’t forever and neither is adversity. When you’re ready, dust yourself off and get up.

2. Take a loss as an opportunity to learn
We all fail from time to time. It just means you were brave enough to go out on limb. So don’t focus too much on your disappointment. Instead have gratitude for what you’ve learned and put it into practice on your next mission towards success.

3. Believe you are a winner
Because if you don’t then nobody else will. You have to back yourself first. Spend time fostering your self belief and speak to yourself with encouragement.

4. Being afraid makes an opening for courage
The best things in life are often scary. Just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean you aren’t also brave! Fear doesn’t make you weak- it gives you the opportunity to show your courage.

5. Choose to shine
We’ve all felt our light dim at some point. Only you can make it shine. So choose to turn it up, even if circumstances are challenging. Shine bright!  (content credit: Nadine Champion).

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