Leisure & Lifestyle 7 December 2016

Healthy Holidays, Yep Totally Possible

There is just no way to eat healthy over the holidays, you’ll just run it off next year …. right?

On the other hand says our lovely new food and health expert Tia, you could focus on creating a balance by not depriving yourself these holidays, but pacing yourself, eating smaller meals, more often, rather then indulging on one or two big feasts, this will keep the hunger at bay.

If you are cooking, get a few bites in while you are preparing food, and be picky at mealtimes, if there are many choices, make your mind up to choose only three, and stick to that, eat slowly, drink plenty of water in between, and go for a long walk. For most of us, long walks burn much more fat than any running next year.
Tia 🙂

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