Careers 14 July 2017

The Rise & Rise of Early Childhood Education

This week we sat down with Debbie Priest, Supervisor & Director of Clearview Early Learning and Kindergarten to chat about current trends and what makes for a great ECEC qualification. Here’ what she had to say.

DP: This is a busy, constantly evolving industry. Our team, children and parents are all growing in positive ways every day and that’s exciting to be part of.

Clearview has employed in-house students enrolled with the College for the past three years. It’s an outstanding opportunity for students to work, gain experience and complete their studies all at the same time. I believe this approach creates more knowledgeable and skilled early childhood educators. Being involved in service delivery every day really helps to establish meaningful connections between the policy frameworks and the practicals.

Consistent contact with the students and our Centre, quality contemporary course resources, and scheduled in-person visits to support the students and ensure their success are the elements that really make ACE different as an RTO. So good is the course quality that I’ve decided to upgrade my own qualifications.

If you are thinking about early childhood as a career, I would encourage anyone to visit a local service, volunteer, try it out and see if this is really for you. I’ve been in the sector for two decades and love every minute.

Thanks so much Debbie for being amazing and super generous with your time.

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