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Resolving interpersonal conflict is key skill for anyone who works in a team, communicates directly with customers or has a supervisory or managerial role. Learn the most effective strategies to manage and resolve conflict in an effective and empowering manner. These skills should be part of everyone’s professional development goals.

Learn to recognise different types of difficult behaviours, understand the underlying reasons behind them, and develop appropriate responses to navigate difficult situations with confidence, professionalism and empathy, ultimately fostering a more harmonious and productive environment for all parties involved.

  • Understanding Difficult Behaviours: Gain insights into the different types of difficult behaviours, such as aggression, passive-aggressiveness, manipulation, and negativity.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Learn to regulate your own emotions, empathize with others, and maintain composure in challenging situations, allowing thoughtful responses rather than impulsive reactions.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Explore communication techniques to defuse conflicts, set boundaries, and assertively express needs and concerns. Focus on active listening, paraphrasing, and using “I” statements.
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques: Explore various conflict resolution strategies, such as negotiation, compromise, and collaboration. Learn how to de-escalate tense situations and promote constructive dialogue.
  • Boundary Setting and Self-Care: Set clear boundaries, assertively enforce them, and prioritize self-care to prevent burnout and maintain emotional well-being.
  • Managing Different Personality Types: Adapt communication and interaction styles to effectively engage with different personality types, including aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive individuals. Leverage strengths and mitigate challenges associated with each personality type.

This course is non-accredited training.

Available in Burleigh Waters, Lismore, Murwillumbah. see below for details

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Location: Lismore
Info: Thank you for supporting our Small Business Program, this course is delivered On Demand. Please contact our customer care team for possible dates.
Training Mode: Face-to-face