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Learn how to create a SAF doll, a sustainable and fun doll, from your own fabric or from fabric provided. In our customised course you will enjoy 3 hour sessions delivered over 2 weeks tuning into your creative zone. Every student will create a soft doll, plus be both surprised and delighted to see what character emerges as you cut and machine stitch, stuff and hand sew and laugh your way through the process.

By course end you will have a finished soft doll to take home!

This brand new course to ACE is an opportunity for you to learn techniques, including how to confidently stitch curves by machine, hand stitching techniques, embroidery stitches, how to sew on buttons, match textures together, learn patience and building character.

Ideally you have a little sewing experience, are familiar with how to do straight stitch and zig zag on the machine, and simple hand stitching, but support will be provided if you need help. People who are into crafting are going to love this sweet course.

This course runs for two sessions, over two consecutive weeks at our Lismore campus.


Cass Pattison is a passionate crafter. “I actually started in doll making when someone asked if I could make some dolls from a picture. I love sewing, and really enjoy making clothes from patterns, repurposing items into new items, repairing and adding individual fair to my pieces. Recently I have been enchanted by the world of embroidery stitches and can’t wait to bring this new SAF Doll course to life here in Lismore. My experience is that the creative process is engaging, brings you into the present, keeps your mind occupied but allows you to day dream, it’s relaxing and rewarding, plus a lot of fun.”


Please bring along a small pillow (min 30x30cm). You will use the stuffing or wading in your doll, and the fabric for the doll shape.

If you prefer to bring new wading and fabric, please ensure it is at least half a metre.

Available in Lismore. see below for details

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Location: Lismore
Info: This course is held on two (2) consecutive Saturdays. Excluding public holidays.
Duration: 2 sessions
Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm
Fee: $95
Training Mode: Face-to-face
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