Tribe Tips 24 June 2019

Tribe Tips from Patrizia

We sat down with Lismore superstar Individual Support trainer Patrizia Reimer ahead of her brand new class starting July 24 to get the scoop on the absolute best things about working in community and aged care.

Back in the day I became a journalist thinking I could change the world. The reality was far different from my perception. This led to some deep soul searching. I tried something completely different and started working in the aged and community care sector and found that I truly loved it. Finally, I felt I was making that difference I always hoped for. Now, teaching others all that I’ve learnt connects me back to what I aimed for when I was younger. It truly is the best job ever.

Patrizia’s top five?

  1. Being able to support people to achieve their goals, wow what a special feeling
  2. Meeting wonderful people with interesting lives is always a learning experience
  3. Working as part of a supportive team, we all need that
  4. Community work can be flexible and you can maintain a work/life balance; and
  5. My favourite – feeling super good about what you do to change people’s lives and really make a difference.

Thanks Patrizia we love having you on the team.

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