Business 15 January 2018

Go-getter Liss Caldwell Joins ACE Small Business Team

Liss Caldwell started her first business at age fifteen as an Equestrian Coach to adults three times her age. Being an equestrian athlete herself, the competitive nature of the business world lured her in. Twenty-five years later she is still an equestrian coach but has expanded her business repertoire incorporating twenty two years of mentoring small business owners across a range of industries both in Australia and overseas.

Having successfully founded grassroots and commercial business ventures that have expanded globally, Liss fully comprehends the holistic investment individuals make when starting and developing a business. Combining her background in publishing, teaching literature, sport psychology with marketing and PR, Liss unites her love of writing and communication with her business knowledge to present up to date courses ahead of trends and flux facilitating others to achieve their business goals. Encouraging networking and integration of social media, marketing and brand development skills.

Liss’s courses support you to stay savvy with a mindset, skill set and entrepreneurial focus needed to adapt and thrive in today’s business world. Facilitating tomorrows leaders to be innovators and business owners with integrity, authentic branding and marketing with heart. Liss’s aim is to bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishments and assist students/ business to move from where you are to where you want to be.

We are thrilled that Liss is involved as a specialist trainer for a number of our Tech Savvy for Small Business short courses all starting early 2018. Welcome Liss! Can’t wait to get started.

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