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Put pen to paper and share your unique, personal story. It’s 100% worth telling! Whether it be the ordinary or the wildly exciting, each moment in time plays a part in shaping who you are. This course is your chance to take a stroll down memory lane and document your own experience in writing.

Get creative in this 2-session course (1-hour lunch included per day) with exercises specially designed to trigger key memories from your journey and inspire words to flow. A mindful way to reflect with purpose and bring your story alive.


The trainer for this course is the inspiring Jane Abercrombie.



– Notebook, journal or paper
– pen
– refreshments

Available in Lismore. see below for details

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Location: Lismore
Info: Thank you for supporting our Lifestyle Program, we are thrilled you are keen to sign up for this course. Please contact our customer care team for possible dates.
Duration: 2 sessions
Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm
Fee: $180
Training mode: Face-to-face