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Learn what social media platforms are available, what they do and which is the right fit for your business and your T.A. (Target Audience.) We look at niche platforms for your specific industry and also in depth at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
Find out how to use social media effectively to build your brand and your B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) relationships. Create a social media platform you are proud to stand on.

The trainer will teach you how to:
• Reach your target audience, engage your tribe, network with your professional peers and dominate your niche.
• Manage your social media effectively and with time efficient management strategies.
• Understand analytics and how to adapt.
• Use keywords and hashtags to maximise your reach and increase SEO.
• Manage, monitor, analyse and stay ahead of the algorithm.
• Convert Call To Action and expand your public profile.
• Engage and expand your spheres of influence whilst building a stronger base of loyal customers/clients.

The internet is alive and social media is constantly evolving. If you are feeling left behind, or out of the loop here is an outstanding opportunity to upskill and get current (instead of damaging your brand).

The trainer for this course is Liss Caldwell, read more about Liss here.

Available in Lismore. see below for details

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Location: Lismore
Duration: 2 sessions
Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Fee: $0 Tech savvy business funded (click here for eligibility criteria)
Training mode: Face-to-face
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