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Let’s get your digital matrix map x-platform performing for you.

Develop skills to identify and map the digital networks and platforms of engagement that will best support your business purpose and vision.


  • Understand and create your own digital matrix blueprint for referral time efficiency and effective strategic digital marketing.
  • Learn how to analyse the digital brand imprint you currently have, understand and find out how to adapt and adjust your digital imprinting to align with your business brand integrity.

You would want to get your matrix working for you to increase SEO, targeted audience engagement and sale conversion. The bonus is you can have your x-promotion and batching save you time, money and effort. Complete the course with an action plan – this is a resource packed learning experience.

This course is assessed against the following unit of competency: FSKLRG08 Use simple strategies for work related learning.

The trainer for this course is Liss Caldwell, read more about Liss here.

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